On this page links to resources discussing sexuality and rights are provided.

Human Rights in New Zealand 2010: Rights of sexual and gender minorities – Tikanga taera me te tangata taitini

In this link, a section focusing on sexual and gender minorities in the report prepared by the NZ Human Rights Commission is avaliable. The 19 page document is very comprehensive and gives fantastic insight into NZ’s progress on this issue up until 2010. You can access it here.

Human Rights Watch: LBGT Rights

Human Rights Watch works for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people’s rights, with activists representing a multiplicity of identities and issues. They document and expose abuses based on sexual orientation and gender identity worldwide. You can access their site here.

NZ History: Homosexual Law Reform

The Homosexual Law Reform Act, which was signed by the governor-general on 11 July 1986 and came into effect on 8 August that year, decriminalised sexual relations between men aged 16 and over. This site looks at the history and the aftermath of the law change. You can read it here.

LGBT rights movement in New Zealand

This short article gives a breif history of the LBGT rights movement in New Zealand. It is avaliable to read here.


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