Magna Carta Beyond the Commonwealth – Migration and Refugees: Thursday 9 July 2015

University of Auckland Public Lecture: Magna Carta Beyond the Commonwealth – Migration and Refugees: Thursday 9 July 2015, 6:45pm, Business School/Owen G Glenn Building

Migration presents major global challenges. How should the principles of Magna Carta inform our understanding and practice?

This was part of The University of Auckland’s week long public lecture series for the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta organised by Dr Stephen Winter from Politics and International Relations.


Chaired by Dr Anita Lacey, Politics and International Relations, University of Auckland (click here to view the transcript for this video)

Anita LaceyDr Anita Lacey is a senior lecturer from the Politics and International Relations Department at the University of Auckland. Her research focuses on the intersecting themes and issues of postdevelopment debates and poverty reduction; urban development programmes; security and insecurities; feminisms and feminist methodologies; international organisations and governance; and ideas and movements of resistance.  Importantly, she is interested in posing questions about and analysing how the global practices of international organisations and actors can be diverse in origin and form, have wide-ranging effects, and articulate with the practices and policies of communities, NGOs, international organisations and national governments.


Andrew Lockhart, National Manager, Refugee and Protection Unit, Immigration NZ (click here to view the transcript for this video)

Andrew Lockhart

Michael White, Senior Legal and Policy Analyst, Human Rights Commission (click here to view the transcript for this video)

Michael whiteMichael White is a senior legal and policy analyst at the Human Rights Commission in Wellington. He is involved in intervening in cases before the higher courts, advising on government legislation and more generally New Zealand’s obligations at international law. He has practiced in a private law firm, as a government lawyer and as an advisor to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees. Michael has a particular interest in public and constitutional law: including compliance with the Human Rights Act 199 and the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990; and the practical interplay between domestic law and international obligations.

Grant Bayldon, Executive Director, Amnesty International (click here to view the transcript for this video)

Grant Bayldon
Grant Bayldon has been head of Amnesty International Aotearoa NZ since 2012. “Many people ask me if I find working for Amnesty International distressing, seeing day after day just how appallingly some governments and people treat their fellow humans. Of course the answer is yes – but it’s also the most inspiring work I’ve ever done. Because every day I also see the incredible courage that people are capable of in the face of terrible abuses.” He previously worked for Oxfam New Zealand as Marketing Director, then Operations Director & Deputy Executive Director and is the former CEO of trans-Tasman law firm Duncan Cotterill. Grant regularly appears on TV, radio and in print to bring a human rights perspective to major issues.

Q&A (click here to view the transcript for this video)

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