This page contains links to do with the rights of prisoners.

RNZ: Court upholds ban on prisoners voting

In 2010 a law change prevented NZ prisoners from voting. Arthur Taylor and six other prisoners tried to challenge this as law breaches their rights and affects Maori representation in Parliament because Maori make up 51 percent of the prison population. They failed, but you can read the article here and listen to a four minute radio segment on it here. There is also a follow-up article here.

Te Ara encyclopaedia of New Zealand: Prisoner support and advocacy

This entry gives the history and current status of organisations in NZ that are trying to change the way the prison system works and support prisoners. You can access it here.

New Zealand Human Rights Blog: Denying voting rights to prisoners in New Zealand: What was Parliament thinking?

This well referenced post argues that New Zealand politicians knowingly enacted a law grossly inconsistent with the rights it guarantees its citizens and that they failed to articulate any convincing reason for why the measure was even necessary. You can read it by clicking here.


The Howard League

Sensible Sentencing Trust

Equal Justice Project

Ministry of Justice

Department of Corrections

Amnesty International NZ Section

New Zealand Law Society

Courts of New Zealand

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