Animal rights

This page has resources to do with animal rights

BBC: Ethics series: Animal Rights

In this short but informative article, the cases both for and against animal rights are laid out in easy to understand language. You can read it here.

Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand: Animal welfare and rights

This is a comprehensive look at animal welfare organisations in NZ. There is a section on animal rights and liberation organisations specifically. It is avaliable here.

The Rights’ Future: Is the idea of human rights speciesist?

This post asks what makes human beings so special that they – and they alone among the animals – warrant the protection that flows from being entitled to rights? You can read it here.

Regarding Rights: United Nations Declaration on Animal Welfare: Why not rights?

In this short essay, it is argued that the proposed UN Declaration on Animal Welfare as it currently stands could work just as well as a Declaration of the (Welfare) Rights of Animals and that a rights document would be preferable. You can access it here. 


World Animal Protection NZ

SAFE – Saving Animals From Exploitation

RNZSPCA – Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

World Society for the Protection of Animals

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