On this page are links to do with religious rights and the Magna Carta.

BBC Radio 4 Beyond Belief: Magna Carta

This half hour radio program focuses on the church’s role in creating the Magna Carta and features Rev June Osborne, Dean of Salisbury , whose Cathedral houses one of the four original copies of Magna Carta; Simon Barrow Co Director of Ekklesia, a Christian think tank; and David Carpenter, Professor of Medieval History at Kings College London. You can listen to it here.

NZ Bill of Rights Act 1990 Section 15

In this section the right to religious freedom in NZ is laid out. You can read the section here and a detailed summary and history by the Ministry of Justice is available here.

New Zealand Human Rights Blog: Do Children have a Right to Freedom of Religion?

In this thoroughly researched blog post by Alex MacKenzie explores the idea of children having a right to freedom of religion. You can access it here.

3 News: A Pastafarian’s right to wear a colander

This NZ news item filmed in mid-2014 looks at a man’s argument that he can wear a colander on his head for his driver’s licence photo under his right to freedom of religion. There is a 2 minute interview with the man and a short article. You can access it here.

Northern Advocate: Outrage at calls for Waitangi burqa ban

Written in January 2015, this article examines one Ngapuhi hapu leader’s call to ban burqa at the Waitangi day celebrations and reactions to it. Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy cites the Human Rights Act in defence of people’s right to religious freedom. You can read it here.

Research Paper: Is it a Breach of Religious Rights?

This paper examines various court cases from around the world, including NZ court cases, and their decisions regarding if peoples’ religious rights have been breached. You can access it here.



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