NZ Bill of Rights

On this page there are links to do with the NZ Bill of Rights Act.

New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990

An Act—(a) to affirm, protect, and promote human rights and fundamental freedoms in New Zealand; (b) to affirm New Zealand’s commitment to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. You can read the full piece of legislation here and read an overview here.

NZ Parliament Research Paper: New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990: options for reform

After the 2013 the final report of the Constitutional Advisory Panel—New Zealand’s Constitution: A Report on a Conversation—was released (Addtionally you can find the section of the report focused on the Bill of Rights Act here). The panel recommended that the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 (NZBORA/the Act) be reviewed to explore ways of amending the Act to improve its effectiveness. You can find the short paper discussing some of the options for reform here.

A Bill of Rights for New Zealand: A White Paper

This 80 page document was first presented to Parliament in 1985 and was the catalyst for what would eventually become the Bill of Rights Act. It contains a draft bill of rights and provides in-depth reasoning for it. It is avaliable here.

New Zealand Human Rights Blog: Drew v A-G: The Limits of the NZ Bill of Rights

In this blog post it is shown through a case that despite the ordinary-Act status (rather than being supreme law or entrenched) of NZBORA, it is still effective in curtailing provisions that purport to abrogate the fundamental rights and freedoms guaranteed in it. You can read it here. 


New Zealand Parliament

New Zealand Law Society

Human Rights Lawyers Association Aotearoa New Zealand

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