This page contains links to do with property/housing rights.

New Zealand Property Rights Association expresses over further re-zoning of houses

The NZPRA cites the principles of the Magna Carta to advocate for the advancement and promotion of property rights. Check out the press release here.

United Nations: Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Under article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights people are guaranteed the right to adequate housing. You can read it here.

UN Habitat: Right to Adequate Housing

In this 58 page factsheet, the UN articulates in detail the right to adequate housing, how that right applies to specific groups, what the obligations of states are, and how this is all monitored. You can read it here.

Human Rights in New Zealand 2010: Right to Housing Tika ki te Whai Whare Rawaka

This 16 page section of a larger report looks at the right to housing in NZ as of 2010. It looks at NZ’s international treaty obligations, the state of housing in NZ, as well as key issues such as homelessness and affordability of housing. You can access the pdf here.

NZ POLITICS DAILY: National’s dangerous social housing plans

This media roundup by Otago University academic Bryce Edwards gives a good overview of the debate surrounding the NZ government’s reforms to social housing. You can read it by clicking here. For a quick government overview click here.


UN-Habitat – United Nations Human Settlements Programme

Housing New Zealand


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