This page contains links regarding multicultural rights and multiculturalism in New Zealand.

The Guardian: British values, multiculturalism and Magna Carta

This piece from the Guardian is a collection of responses to UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s plan to teach ‘British values’ to school children involving a curriculum that instructs students on the Magna Carta. You can read it here and you can also read a piece on Cameron’s plan here.

Te Ara Encyclopaedia of New Zealand: The New Zealanders: Multicultural New Zealand

This short entry looks at the idea of multiculturalism in NZ and how it changed the country. You can read it here and can read the series of entries it is a part of here.

Te Ara Encyclopaedia of New Zealand: Biculturalism: Continuing Debates

This entry poses the question is NZ multicultural or bicultural and seeks to reconcile both. You can read it here.

University of Waikato: The Rule of Law, Multiculturalism, and Multiculturalism 

This 8 page transcript of a speech given at the ALTA conference in 2005 by Justice Durie argues that a framework of individual rights is inadequate to deal with the legal issues behind the management of cultural difference. You can read it here. 

Multiculturalism and Minority Rights: West and East

This 27 page journal article by Will Kymlicka asks are Western models of multiculturalism and minority rights relevant for the post-Communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe? You can read it here. 


New Zealand Federation of Multicultural Councils

The Office of Ethnic Communities

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