Topics and Links

Here are links to media articles, academic literature, and organisations’ pages to do with the Magna Carta and various rights topics.

Please do see the individual pages for links relating to the specific areas. If you have any links that you think we should add please do email

The Magna Carta, as the foundation of our modern conception of rights and the rule of law, can be related to many areas and current debates in NZ society. For example:

Rule of LawHistory of the Magna CartaNZ Bill of rights Human rightsYouth ChildrenWomen/GenderPrisonersMaoriPacific Multicultural/EthnicDigital access/privacy/securityProperty/HousingConsumer rights SecurityImmigrants Refugees EmploymentAnimal rightsEnvironmental Educational ConstitutionalReligious Health Privacy SexualityShared values between NZ and the UK.

Links to external articles, authors and organisations are provided here to stimulate thinking and debate on Magna Carta related topics. We are not responsible for or endorsing the views expressed or the rest of a website or organisational materials.

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