Magna Carta NZ E-book

Magna Carta NZ: Power, People, Politics and Progress – an e-book edited by the Chair of the Magna Carta 800 Committee for New Zealand, Jennifer Lees-Marshment

This E-book brings together a range of reflections on the rule of law on modern society and the future development of rights, politics and the law in Aotearoa New Zealand which will stimulate debate not just in New Zealand but around the world. By looking back on what was said and debated during the anniversary year of 2015 we can see that the application of the principles Magna Carta embodies continues to be open to debate as well as application through new constitutional, legal, political and social developments in the multi-cultural commonwealth. By considering the political and social consequences of such documents over time, the importance of the law is seen not in its specific detail when written but its’ symbolism/focus for debate over centuries.

The e-book is organised into sections focusing on key themes of importance in modern day New Zealand. Each section has an introduction highlighting pertinent excerpts from practitioner speeches made during the 2015 anniversary year, questions for reflection and discussion, followed by the full transcripts of those speeches.

Magna Carta NZ: People, Politics and Process – Click here to download the PDF

Magna Carta NZ: Power, People, Politics and Progress – Click here to download the Word Document