On this page there a links to do with the right to privacy.

Guardster: The Right to Privacy

In this short essay the history of the right to privacy is developed. They cite the Magna Carta as one of the foundations of human rights that led to the right to privacy being recognised. You can read it here.

University of Alberta: Do We Have the Magna Carta to Thank for Protection Against Unreasonable Search or Seizure?

In this short article, it is argued that the right to privacy in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is based upon the principles of the Magna Carta. You can read it here.

New Zealand Privacy Act 1993

The Act mainly deals with the collection and disclosure of personal information and has set the boundaries for our right to privacy in NZ. You can read the full piece of legislation here, or you can read a summary by Consumer here. Additionally the Privacy Commissioner’s relationship with the law is explained here.

Radio NZ: Outspoken: Privacy vs Security

This article includes a 27 minute radio piece where Political Reporter Demelza Leslie talks to Labour MP David Shearer, National MP and chair of Parliament’s foreign affairs, defence and trade committee Mark Mitchell, and Green Party MP Kennedy Graham. This includes a very good discussion around the privacy vs security debate. You can access it here.


Office of the Privacy Commissioner – You can sign up to hear about their privacy forums here.

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