Consumer rights

Here you can find links to do with consumer rights in NZ and around the world.

President Kennedy’s Consumer’s Magna Carta

In a major speech in 1962, President John F. Kennedy laid out four basic rights that should be extended to every consumer. These were later dubbed the consumer’s Magna Carta. They were the right to safety, the right to be informed, the right to choose and the right to be heard. You can read an article laying out the consequences of the speech here and you can see the full text of the speech by clicking here.

New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act 1993

Under the Consumer Guarantees Act, your consumer rights are expressed as a series of “guarantees” that a seller automatically makes to you when you buy any goods or services ordinarily purchased for personal use. You can view the full piece of legislation here and read a summary by Consumer here.

New Zealand Fair Trading Act 1986

This act protects you, as a consumer, from misleading and deceptive actions, false representations and unfair practices by traders. You can view the legislation here and read a summary by Consumer Affairs here.

Business NZ resources to understanding consumer laws

This collection of resources includes quizzes on the Fair Trading Act and Consumer Guarantees Act to help people understand what their rights are as consumers in NZ. Click here to access.


Consumer Affairs New Zealand

Consumer (formally known as known as Consumers’ Institute of New Zealand)


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