Links related to the Magna Carta and security as well as the right to security in general.

Magna Carta: Rule of Law in the Contemporary World – Civil Liberties & Surveillance

As a part of a symposium by the Library of Congress in the US on the enduring legacy of Magna Carta, an expert panel discussed rule of law as it relates to contemporary issues surrounding civil liberties and surveillance. You can watch the 23 minute webcast here and read the transcript here.

Refugees, Security and Human Rights: Working out the Balance

This 27 page essay byJustice Susan Glazebrook looks at the way in which the following issues have been dealt with by the NZ courts: the use of classified information in decision-making; the conflict that arises between the right of the state to protect its security and the right of individuals to be free from arbitrary detention and the balancing of the protection of NZ’s security with the obligation of non-refoulement and the protection accorded to individuals under international instruments. You can download the pdf here. 

Dominion Post: Security must not trump human rights

This editotrial looks at the arguments around whether the state should be able to take away the passports of suspected terrorists, as Prime Minister John Key proposed. You can read it here.

Detention of Refugees in New Zealand Law: Striking a Balance Between Refugee Rights and National Security

This 30 page essay the author examines New Zealand’s international obligations regarding the detention of Refugees and how these are implemented domestically. You can read the pdf here.

NZ Herald: Snowden revelations / The price of the Five Eyes club: Mass spying on friendly nations

This large piece alleges that NZ’s electronic surveillance agency, the GCSB, has dramatically expanded its spying operations during the years of John Key’s Government and is automatically funnelling vast amounts of intelligence to the US National Security Agency in the name of collective security. You can read it here.

Human Rights in New Zealand 2010: Right to Social Security Tika ki te Hapori Haumaru

In this 18 page section of a larger report, the state of social security in NZ is looked at, as well as what international treaties the government is signed up to. You can read it here.

Radio NZ: Outspoken: Privacy vs Security

This article includes a 27 minute radio piece where Political Reporter Demelza Leslie talks to Labour MP David Shearer, National MP and chair of Parliament’s foreign affairs, defence and trade committee Mark Mitchell, and Green Party MP Kennedy Graham. This includes a very good discussion around the privacy vs security debate. You can access it here.


New Zealand Security Intelligence Service

Government Communications Security Bureau

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