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About Jennifer Lees-Marshment

I am an Associate Professor in political science at The University of Auckland in New Zealand. Author/editor of 16 books, I am a world expert in political marketing and political management with additional research interests in public input and leadership. My new book is Political Management; the Dance of Government and Politics (Routledge 2020). The Ministry of Public Input (Palgrave 2015) won the IAP2 Australasia Research Award. I am lead academic advisor to TVNZ’s Vote Compass in New Zealand elections and was Chair of the Magna Carta 800 committee for NZ in 2015. See for further details or email

Magna Carta 800 NZ

font 2 pauaCelebrating the past; Reflecting on the present; Imagining the future.

In 2015 New Zealand commemorated the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta through a diverse range of events and initiatives. A free online e-book featuring key speeches made is available here  ‘Magna Carta NZ: Power, People, Politics and Progress’ and an overview of the whole year is provided in our final report. You can find more detail about the 2015 events on the pages of this website. Videos and transcripts from the University of Auckland Magna Carta Lecture Series are available from the webpages below.

For links to all events click here. For any other queries please get in touch with the chair of the Magna Carta 800 Committee for New Zealand Dr Jennifer Lees-Marshment (email

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